BCR8IVE MEDIA offers web design options to clients in Bowral and the greater global region that are 100% responsive in both nature and design with a goal to compliment the site’s display on all available mediums. Each web design is treated as if it is our own, with your guidance to ensure it complements your attraction model. Part of the web design and development includes providing both training and essential documentation for your team to take on the website administration. BCR8IVE MEDIA provides a Responsive Web design and development strategy that includes unique features to help your website standout in the way it should.

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Responsive web design sites are fluid, meaning the content moves freely across all screen resolutions and all devices. Both the grids and the images are fluid. Just as a liquid spreads out or draws in to allow its content to fill an allotted space and retain its appearance, responsive web design’s fluidity achieves the same result with website content on a device screen.

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While, content is king and discovering the ability of content are foremost success metrics, it is the user experience that enables visitors to consume content on any website through the device of their choice and preference, anytime. Thus, responsive web design is about providing the optimal user experience irrespective of whether they use a desktop computer, a smartphone, a tablet or a smart-TV.

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Responsive design is the preferred option when it comes to making your website both mobile and search engine friendly. By providing a single, dynamic version of your website to both desktop and mobile visitors, you make it easier for search engines to understand and serve your content.



The advantages of having a single site that conforms to the need of all devices are significant when compared to having two separate websites. One website costs less than two, and the savings can be substantial.  Responsive web design enhances SEO efforts by having all your visitors directed to a single site no matter what they prefer to use as a device.



With 67 percent search market share, when Google speaks, search marketers listen. Google states that responsive web design is its recommended mobile configuration, and even goes so far as to refer to responsive web design as the industry best practice. Google prefers responsive web design because content that lives on one website and one URL is much easier for users to share, interact with, and link to than content that lives on a separate mobile site.



Having a separate desktop and mobile site requires having separate SEO campaigns. Managing one site and one SEO campaign is far easier than managing two sites and two SEO campaigns. This is a key advantage a responsive website has over a separate mobile site. In addition our wordpress specific designs allow for easy to use CMS that can be managed by anyone in your team.



  • Drag & drop page builder
  • Responsive & retina ready design
  • Extensive + powerful theme options
  • Exclusive nectar slider included
  • E-Commerce integration
  • Unlimited colors
  • Gorgeous & trend-setting design
  • Super intuitive shortcode generator
  • Three full icon sets tightly integrated
  • Loads of Google fonts to choose from
  • Optional AJAX search in header
  • SEO optimized & clean code
  • Unique CSS3 animations
  • Multiple portfolio & blog styles
  • Optional smooth scrolling effect
  • Advanced typography options
  • Boxed & wide layout options
  • Built in mega menu


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 Embracing the opulence of another time with some exhibition viewing @nationalgalleryaus  Some of our clients love working with us sooo much that we offer a onsite service to work even closer with you and your team. All we ask is a desk and a flow of doughnuts...  In this world of digital and striving for perfection age (which the Bcr8ive team is happy to be part of) it is refreshing to see one of the @lilseedscr8ive designing a beautiful illustration. This one is now showcased on the Bcr8ive studio wall!  Is sourcing content and images for social media taking up all of your time and taking you away from your business Why not try outsourcing your social media to us... We look after many small business clients with their social media strategies and can help you until you have the time to get your head around this instant demanding social world or just leave it to us...
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