Social Media Management

Are you struggling to give your brand a social presence online? Bcr8ive Media has the ability through tried and tested methods to give your brand the boost it needs. Every year the world becomes a little smaller, a little more social and because of this we all become a little more connected. Creating content that allows us to share our experiences, thoughts, and ideas in real time is becoming a normality for us in such a technological age. The effect of this is that we are often making a statement when we DON’T share or choose to connect…apart from the hipsters who momentarily evaded social media in the hope to make a statement, but came back in droves because they felt they were missing out!!

To the surprise of some there is still a major percentage of society that have not yet grasped the full potential and power of social media’s marketing ability. The team at BCR8IVE MEDIA sees this potential and is experienced in grasping the power that can help turn your conversations in conversions.


Defined By Pop – Culture

Generations are defined by their pop culture, and without it, they’re lost. There is no better time than now to lock down the BCR8IVE MEDIA team to help to convert your conversations into customers and help to build your online database through enriched content. The days of stopping people from what they are doing to look at your add are over and we can help to integrate your content into the stream.


We Think About Micro

The landscape of social media is constantly changing across all mediums and BCR8IVE MEDIA recognises that we all need to re-evaluate our social media cr8ive, where we need to stop thinking of content as just content in certain situations. At undefined points in any given day or hour we need to look at content as micro-content – small, valuable chunks of information or inspiration that you reimagine every day.


Telling Your Story With Style

The social revolution has seen a group of unkown platforms quickly transform into some of the world’s largest marketing tools with small business owners, marketers and brand managers considering them a legitimate platform to use. The very thing that all brands want online is presence and BCR8IVE MEDIA is insistent on telling your story with a different angle to get maximum exposure.

The Process Of Getting Started

The Setup Process Takes 1-7 Business Days. We Keep The Setup Process As Easy And As Simple As Possible.

Contact Us For A Plan

Choose which plan suits your business best. Obviously we are going to suggest that you spend more money, so we ask that you think of it like this…10-20% of your yearly sales (not profit) should be the base for your marketing budget.

Introduction Call

Your social media account manager will reach out to you through a phone call to talk about your business and the strategy. Our team is interested in your motivation to reach the interweb so be ready for the excitement.

Campaign Strategy

Our team creates a comprehensive Social Media Marketing strategy and project plan that clearly outlines deliverables and measurable business goals for social media profiles and sharable content.

Campaign Execution

This is the exciting part where we implement recommendations from the Profile Strategy & Content Strategy phases to hit campaign goals where we keep in line with content strategy and social media marketing best practices, distribute content to appropriate networks.

Our Social Profile

 When you see such pretty things that make you go ooohhhh. @kinfolk Great design is coming back in a strong way and we love it! A perfect example of this is at the newest home store for Bowral @fewandfarhome Simply stunning!  We are thinking this is one amazing wall of inspiration - both for oh so iconic branding and $$$ motivation. image from pinterest.  Morning magical people, Have you got a huge week planned already? We do... That brings about the question of how much time do you need to spend on your social media each day? Did you know that many small to medium businesses don't believe that you get a return on investment for your time with social media!!! (SHOCKING WE KNOW)... Social media is the marketing tool of today to speak about your business and the message you are sending. Our tip for this week is to test the platform - it will only take 20minutes a day! For ten minutes in the morning and the afternoon engage with your audience - comment - like - share their posts. Then see if you are getting the same returned. Think about it you don't just say Hi to someone on the street and then watch them from across the road for the rest of your social life! Get over there and keep saying Hi, talk to them and compliment... The favour will be returned and you will become relevant in their world when thinking about needing your business - maybe not for them straight away but almost always for someone they talk to... 10 minutes is not much to ask - try it today...  It's a flexible working environment kind of day. #bcr8ivemedia #agencylife
 Some inspiration from the very creative @meganhess_official exhibition @sunstudios  We live and breath social media everyday, hour, even minute. These devices in our hands are also part of our social responsibility to ensure that we speak to each other so no one feels alone in this sometimes unrealistic digital life. So tonight acknowledge @ruokday by having a conversation with any of your followers, admirers or friends.  Coffee number one for the day. Meetings and coffee were destined to be together to keep creatives going.  Every time he gets it right! Respect @garyvee you keep everyone who listens in check with what’s important in business today.
 We couldn't have said it better ourselves! Wise words before you start a new week   Spring is happening as we speak. Sorry Northern hemisphere peeps (we still envy you). The flowers are blooming and the peonies are going back into the agency vases (because they aren't too expensive anymore)...  We’re not obsessed with this magical city at all! I mean why would you, it’s history, inspiration, bright lights and amazing food. #tbt #nyc #love  Simplicity creates calm in the studio. We try to bring just simple little bits of life in to remind us to 'take a breath'.
 Oh to wake up here   Our client bookings are filling up quickly for September. We are so happy that our clients love us and appreciate every single one of them. Thank you for making magic with us everyday...  Oh this little thing, it's just a concept we came up with for some very cool clients. Stay tuned for the finished magic. #bcr8ivemediamagic  Do you ever wish that you could map out your day as clearly as this moodboard. Simply put it’s our life line. Starting a project - moodboard, starting any plans - moodboard. Yes we are that organised. Thank god for the community of designers out there like @junemangodesigns