We are a Creative Design Studio that has experience in all levels of Graphic Design. We create brands, strategy, design and content. We listen. We learn. We love our clients. We may be located in Bowral (and wear black from time to time), but we leave our egos at the door and we don’t rest until we deliver extraordinary work. We service clients all over the country and thanks to the interwebs our ability to keep on top of each project is assisted by streamed meetings and conferences.

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Our strategic approach guides everything we do. We explore brand, business and audience needs, uncover the essence of your organisation, and create design that imparts meaning and inspires action.

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Engaging, smart brands tell great stories. We seek the heart of an institution’s story and express it verbally and visually in ways that inspire. And we create a roadmap for you to maintain it over time.

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Capabilities brochures. Fundraising suites. Annual reports. Information graphics. Influenced by today’s highly visual culture, we create engaging print materials tailored to your needs.

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As creative problem solvers, we analyse your attraction model and identify solutions to your brand, marketing, visual communication challenges to reveal opportunities and drive growth.



Doing any design to represent your brand begins with the exploratory phase, where BCR8IVE MEDIA’s designers will present you with different design concepts in an effort to gain a stronger understanding of what kind of style you like and dislike. Our team loves to tackle a task from all angles and the exploratory mission is the best way to kick it off.


Once we have identified what style you like, the team at BCR8IVE MEDIA puts  all the adjectives that have been mentioned into a word cloud, and physically draw connections from word to word so that they can begin to identify concepts that will manifest themselves as your perfect design.


Our CREATIVE team will research the meaning of the words used to describe your business and ideal style so that they can begin sketching illustrations by hand that are symbolic of what you want the design to represent. These sketches will serve as the creative inspiration behind the designs that are created for your brand.


When the first round of designs is completed, our team of designers will look to our entire staff and use them as an extra set of eyes, making sure the designs produced meet the high standards of our talented team while narrowing down the designs to only the ones that are best tailored to the culture of your brand.


Phase 1

The designers at BCR8IVE MEDIA will put together a presentation for you and your team showcasing the top designs they’ve created in black and white so that you can make sure everything is perfect stylistically. This step of the process is essential for the effectiveness of the final design to ensure the strength of your attraction model.


Phase 2

Once you have reviewed the first set of designs and given us feedback, we’ll go back to the drawing board and present you with a second round of designs that have been tweaked and altered according to the feedback you gave us at the first presentation.


After selecting your favourite design, we carefully revisit the underlying messages your brand wants to communicate so that we can identify colours that are aligned with those emotions. To ensure that you understand the choice of colour for your design the BCR8IVE MEDIA team will collectively test out different colour options and apply your design to various pieces of collateral to help you envision it fully coming to life.


The BCR8IVE MEDIA team will work tirelessly with you so that all of your needs are met and the final design serves as a perfect demonstration of all that your brand strives to represent. Your brand represents the strength of your attraction model and it is our aim to help you build a model that is not only seen, but is scalable in the future.



Shogun Neon

July 11, 2016


Rattlesnake Hotel Re-Brand

July 11, 2016

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Working Spaces Moss Vale

July 11, 2016

BCR8IVE MEDIA - Branding + Print Design

Samm Rosee

May 12, 2016

Navigate Personal Training - BCR8IVE MEDIA

Navigate Personal Training

May 6, 2016


 Designs happening all day, everyday, even after dark...  Meeting time in the office. #bcr8ivemedia  #respect #google ・・・ 44 Years ago #KoolHerc changed your life. By inventing #HipHop. Mad respect to @GoogleDoodle for acknowledging the culture and the pioneers of #Grafiti #Breakdancing #MCn & #Djn (and all the other stops in between) #TheBirthOfHipHop #GoogleDoodle  When you absolutely love what you do. You just keep going regardless of the time! Even if you have a ridiculously early start tomorrow!
 When the studio boss questions you about your coffee intake   A little concept loving in the works for this Tuesday morning. #madebyus  Thinking of the Sunday drive already   Projects lining up on the desks. Love it! Each one is treated like a new born baby that we nurture until it's ready to be launched to the world. TLC for brands (not weird at all)! #madebyus
 Social media marketing must be personal! Whilst social media has exploded in the business world it is still misunderstood as a vital marketing driver for sales. Yes it can be about image and is always part of every kids lives but it is the consumers that you are targeting not the kids! Know your target audience and share the content that they'll be interested in. No one wants a hard sell every time they look at their social feeds. They want to be wooed with content that gives them an insight into your business so that when they are ready they feel like they already know your brand. First dates are always so important so impress them with your charming self...  The week has started with an overwhelming need for questions answered regarding social media management. We know that many small businesses like to take care of their own social media so we thought we would give you an insight into what's important in the world of socials. 1 - Communication is key. Your on your devise constantly checking your profile did you know that you need to make yourself available to your followers and those who comment. Don't be shy! When someone comments on your post make sure you reply to them. It's no different than if you were walking down the street and someone said "nice shoes" you would reply back "thanks!". Don't make them wait and think you are rude. Respect the fact that they took the time to comment and reply straight back. Your following will be more involved if you communicate with them. After all this is the new way of communicating your brand...  #friday #feelings  If only we all looked so pretty after a long day.
 New websites are in the works for clients. No matter how technical the world becomes we still love the pen and notebook to get our ideas down before going digital. Planning is the key with websites (actually planning is everything for everything). If you don't plan you end up with a website that doesn't provide a clear message.  Vacation goals...  Hands in the air for another huge day! Big day of social media management for new clients. Social media is something that businesses need to put their hands up for some help. Careful strategy is what's needed to represent your brand and drive traffic to your website, store or call you! How much time do you spend on your social media?  Always evolving brands. #madebyus